Brand Introduction

Symbol Mark
The symbol mark is the collective symbol that represents the company and the most core element of CI system. The symbol mark of JUNGHEUNG has a motive of building structure to project the highest human company of 21st century that is equipped with the future oriented will and strong internal management, and the creative insight for the future that will spread out straight.
The logotype of JUNGHEUNG is a unique letter font that has considered the harmony with the symbol to produce. In order to maintain the constant image, it is principle to carry out the digital printout by computer data.
The signature is the most reasonable combination of the symbol mark and the Korean & English logo type. The signature can change variously by the applied medium such as advertisements, documents and brochures. It is the signature system that has been specially developed in order for the systematic and effective use.
The exclusive color of JUNGHEUNG has been applied to the symbol and logo type to play an important role to form the brand. The exclusive color of JUNGHEUNG can be divided to main color and supportive color. It requires the exact color management for the united visual image.