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  • Country Club
    A traditional country club has been completed with human sense over the natural beauty that was shaped by the nature's hands.
    It is a golf range of mountain and lake type which has kept its natural scenes of beautiful mountain terrain and clean Naju Lake. People can enjoy healthier reports than any other golf ranges as it is located at the most suitable altitude for the cardiac pulmonary function. As the golf range was planned for the comprehensive recreation resort that is connected to Naju Lake from the initial construction period such as a club house and a condominium,
    you can enjoy natural beauty and differentiated specialty as a non-artificial eco-friendly resort.

    |Gold Lake Country Club|
    - Location: Jeonnam Naju-si, Nampyung-eup, Bingsan-ri & vicinity
    - Course Design: Jang Golf Research Center
    - Constructor: JUNGHEUNG Construction
    - Course Scale: 36Holes/12,860㎡