Introduction to Subsidiary Companies

JUNGHEUNG Building Construction Co. Ltd

Main Office Gwangju Metropolitan City Buk-gu Moodeung-ro 204
Established March 9, 1989
Company Slogan New Millenium Highest Class Company – JUNGHEUNG Construction
Business Goal
  • Civil Engineering Building Construction
  • Manufacturing and Sales for Civil Engineering & Building Construction Materials
  • Pavement Construction Business
  • Facility Business for Environmental Pollution Prevention
  • Maintenance & Repair Business for Cultural Assets
  • Design & Construction Business for Wastewater Purification
  • Landscaping & Stone Materials Construction and Design & Inspection, Sales
  • Operation Business of Distribution Industries such as General Tourism and Sports Leisure
  • Housing Construction and Distribution Business
  • Construction and Supply Business for Leased Housing
  • Apartments Management Business
  • Real Estates Lease and Sales
  • Land Creation and Supply Business
  • Ready-Mix Concrete, Assembly, Casting Material, Manufacturing and Sales
  • Electric Construction Business
  • Design & Inspection Business for Fire Prevention Facility
  • Construction Business for Fire Prevention Facility
  • Design & Construction Business for the General Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Construction Business of Information & Communication
  • All businesses in related to each number above